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The Club was formed in the early 1970’s. On average there are around 50 members in the Club, flying a diverse range of old timers, trainers, sport and aerobatic models and scale models. We restrict the number of members in the Club but the main restriction is the number of trainees under instruction at any one time.

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The Club is affiliated to the BMFA (British Model Flying Association) which is the recognised body that controls the sport of model flying in the UK. The Club takes the impact of Coronavirus very seriously and as such has fully conformed to the recommendations of the BMFA in order to continue our activities in the safest way possible. Links to the the BMFA guidelines can be found under “Club Info”.

Penguin Logo

If you were wondering, the Club logo came about after a long period of wet & windy weather, when nobody was doing any flying. At the same time, we were looking for a new Club logo and what can’t a penguin do . . . . . !

Flying Site

The Club has been very fortunate to obtain a flying site in the Bromsgrove Area (to the east of Stoke Prior), with kind permission of the farmer.  This site has been in use since the beginning of 2002. The Committee takes a lot of effort to ensure a low profile in the locality, with specific attention being made to any noise intrusion in terms of the local community, and thus far the prospects for long term use of the site are very good.

We have an excellent takeoff and landing area which is mown weekly in the summer. Please be aware that the patch is in the middle of a grass field used for silage, so at certain times of the year the outfield can be quite long, but once the silage is taken, the whole field is cropped short!!

It must be noted however that the Club is VERY aware of the noise issues with model flying and models must conform to the noise regulations laid down by the Committee. The Club rules only allow three combustion engine models in the air at any one time, to reduce the combined noise effect. This may seem restrictive, but in practice works well, and does not really have an impact on the amount of flying taking place.

New Members

Prospective new members (both novice and experienced) are welcome to visit the patch for an informal chat and to see how we do things. . . see the ‘How We Do It’ link under the ‘Training’ menu.

Alternatively you can also come along to a club night to meet the Committee for an informal chat, usually on the next available club night after 20:00hrs. You may join there and then and once the necessary fees have been paid then BMFA insurance cover is in place immediately.   There is plenty of useful information for beginners of how to get started under the ‘Training’ section ‘Getting Started’.

The Club actively encourages novice members to join the club to learn to fly model aircraft up to the BMFA approved ‘A’ certificate level. After achieving this level of proficiency, the member can then fly unsupervised at any time (see Club Rules). Individuals may also  progress onto the more advanced ‘B’ level, if so desired which can be found under the ‘More Advanced’ section.

The Club meets at the The Bowling Green Inn, Shaw Lane, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, B60 4BH at 20:00hrs on the first WEDNESDAY of the month.

It’s a very informal affair where you can come and discuss your latest project or last flight (good or bad!) over a pint.

Each year we present awards for the: ‘Chairman’s Award’, ‘Most Improved Flyer’, ‘Best Model Builder’ and finally the members vote on who they think has contributed to the Club the most with the ‘Clubmans Award’

The Weather
July 22, 2024, 12:54 am
5 mph
Apparent: 15°C
Pressure: 1014 mb
Humidity: 79%
Winds: 5 mph S
Windgusts: 27 mph
UV-Index: 0
Sunrise: 5:14 am
Sunset: 9:14 pm
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Our Chairman, Alan Brown on BBC Hereford and Worcester

Justin, from BBC Hereford and Worcester takes to the sky

Questions & Answers

We are a friendly bunch of members with great camaraderie.  There is a multitude of different skills within the Club Members who are only too keen to help.  Come along for a visit and see for yourself.

Yes, we have several instructors within the Club that can teach you to fly and pass your A-Test, which will enable you to fly solo.  If you have the desire to progress further, then they are willing to teach you Aerobatics and progress towards your B-Test

Yes, come along and meet us and have a trial flight.  If you are starting out then we can provide the aircraft, equipment and take you up with an instructor in a safe and controlled manner.  Use the ‘Contact Us’ page to get in touch.

We are predominantly a fixed wing club but there are a few members that fly Multi-rotor Copters, FPV (First person view) and Helicopters.